'The Voice Within' - Donna Day

'The Voice Within - Finding My Spirit' - Donna Day 
Growing up the middle child of three girls, with an abusive father and a weak mother who could not break the pattern of being a victim. However, My optimism brought about my dream of the ‘fairytale’ when I married the man of my dreams and raised my children with love. I spent 20 idyllic years with Mark,my fisherman husband in Far North Queensland and then on the family farm at Beaudesert close to the Gold Coast Hinterland.
 However, fate seemed to turn when Mark’s son from his previous marriage committed suicide. This was just a portent of worse to come.
 On the day Mark died my dreams were shattered. It happened in just a week. Mark succumbed to Leukemia AML.
 Following closely on the devastating loss of my husband, and having to face four more deaths in the family, while attempting to restructure my life and be strong for my children.
 With tremendous faith and courage I rebuilt my life many times, training to teach and to run businesses. Always trusting, always seeing the best in others.

 Finally breaking free, from negative patterns and choices I had made. It was time to decide, to make some positive choices and start believing in myself. Taking time out for myself was the first step.  Since that day sitting on the beach taking control over my life, I have never looked back.  Learning how to overcome many challenges that life had dealt my way, always staying strong I gained the strength to utilise my qualifications and talents to establish yet another business, Finally finding my niche : Training and Assessing/ Life Coaching Business Management and Development.

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This book will inspire and guide others, and enable them to do what I has done – roll with the punches and always gain more strength from every challenge – strength that I have imbued into my children and to all who come in contact.
The five parts tell all story, provide lessons to be learnt and guidelines for creating the life that each of us deserves and finding out who we really are, and inspirational quotes for everyday living.
My way to show gratitude is to pay tribute to those who have given me love and support, and to the mentors who have lit the path for me. However, with the writing of this book, and finding my spirit and energy I have found that it was the most cleansing and enjoyable experience I could have imagined who knew the journey I was about to take. Now choosing to give inspiration for all who choose to follow in my footsteps, and take control over their lives.


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